B i o g r a p h y


Alexis Martinez started his musical career at the age of 18 as the guitar player of a variety of bands in his native country, Cuba. At the age of 23, he began receiving singing lessons to develop his vocal abilities.


During his studies, he felt inclined to pursue a solo career. After concluding his vocal education, he began performing in various stages and commenced his journey as a professional singer.


 Consequently, he is capable of singing a wide range of songs and delivering them with outstanding charisma and professionalism. His incredible versatility as a singer and his extensive vocal register make him one of the most recognized performers in the GTA.


In the last few years, Martinez has developed his career through concerts and private performances in galas and special events. In addition, he has worked as a member of bands and has performed in shows with large groups of individuals. In all of these cases, he has proved to be a talented, hard working and disciplined musician.


Also known as “The Latin Explosion” ; Alexis Martinez is an artist who is entirely devoted to his passion for the art of music. He is capable of entertaining any audience and captivating them with his experience, dedication and unforgettable voice.