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"Un artista muy versátil, único, con una voz maravillosa y un talento que encanta. Podría escucharte toda la vida y no me cansaría. Dios te bendiga y gracias por regalarnos tu arte "

Ileana Reyes 

"It doesn't take more than one show or concert for one to know between the best and the mediocre. Talent is gifted but not every performer has that subtleness and yet powerful skill to know how to sing or play a musical instrument for interpreting so fluently and effortlessly the life of the song or music and translate that into a soul-touching effect to the audience's ultimate pleasure. Regardless of what kind of music or the type of songs, only an outstanding Singer is able to present the piece into one that blends into the audience's state of mind and captivate the audience's inner self while enjoying the music. Alexis' plays and sings a splendid array of music and songs , his performance is simply mind-blowing. Rounds of Applause are not quite enough. It goes without saying that Alexis' gifted talent is not the only element that brought him to today's high level of music realm but also many years of hard work and endless learning journey throughout his career. You are a star Alexis! Keep broadening your dimensions and bring joy to your fans! Thank You!"

Eva Chu

"Considered  by us The Best Showman in Business, a performer capable of singing many genres with his unique voice"

Fernando Torres


"Alexis Martinez ...a TENOR who sings everything from Nessun Dorma to Granada to Time To Say Goodbye Michael Jackson's BILLIE JEAN (dance moves included ) Ed Sherran's Perfect Symphony Despacito rocking it out on the electric guitar to Hotel California and Santana ....and to everything else in between ...and let's not forget the salsa Spanish songs that puts everyone dancing on the dance floor or right by your table ...the experience is what you make it and Alexis is there to make sure it is always beyond what you expected from just a simple dinner out ...actually you might expect to see a talent such as his on a grand stage ...or in musical theatre productions (which he did back in his home country of Cuba) ...but to this very humble triple threat artist success is having the opportunity to do what you love to do no matter where you do it as long as you are connecting with your audience and going home to a loving family at the end of the night ....thank you Alexis for sharing your talent with all of us who go to Vesuvio's for a wonderful dinner out and get a show that is deserving of a concert stage "

Milu Pacheco.

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